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      South Bend 9-inch Lathe Clones
      UFP - France
      Handbooks, Parts Lists, Catalog Sets & flat belts are available for these lathes

      Other South Bend 9-inch Clones
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      Sanches Blanes - Sheraton - Smart & Brown - Storebro   
      Boffelli & Finazzi - Demco - NSTC
      - Select (Lin Huan) - Parkanson

      Original 1934 9-inch Model 5   South Bend Home Page   Accessories   

      Unknown until 2014, this South Bend copy - the only one so far discovered - was advertised in France during 2014. With numerous differences including the tailstock casting, cross-feed micrometer dial, the shape of the leadscrew clap nut handle, position of the locking screws to position the top-slide swivel, leadscrew hanger brackets bolted on horizontally instead of vertically and a quite different yet obviously modelled-on-the-original countershaft - this is obviously a close copy and not an original.
      Possdez-vous une UFP? Si c'est le cas, l'auteur voudrait entendre parler de vous.