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      email: tony@lathes.co.uk
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      South Bend Lathes--USA
      A wide range of high-quality reproduction South Bend literature is available

      South Bend Model 5 - Earliest of the 9-inch "Workshop" lathes
      South Bend 9-inch "Workshop" lathe
      8-inch & 9-inch Junior & Model R
      8-inch and 9-inch Junior Lathes Photographic Essays

      Historic, very early 1910 South Bend 10-inch
      South Bend Series 20 Toolroom Lathe - a superb restoration
      Heavy 10     
      10-K Light Ten
      South Bend G-26-T   
      Silent-chain Drive Lathes               
      Lathes pre-1920
      Lathes 1920-30
      Lifted-Centre-Height Lathes     
      South Bend Accessories
      Copies and Clones of South Bend Lathes:
      Boxford, Ace, Blomqvist, Smart & Brown, Purcell, Sheraton, Hercus, Sanches Blanes

      Special Factory Production Machines
      South Bend Factory
      Manufacturing the South Bend Lathe
      South Bend Users' Group
      How old is my South Bend lathe?
      The Rarest South Bend Lathe Of All
      South Bend Shapers
      Rebuilding a 1952 South Bend 13-inch - an expert shows how (large PDF)

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