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      Smart & Brown Lathes
      Operation & Parts Manuals are available for most Smart & Brown lathes

      Smart and Brown concentrated on toolroom-class lathes. Their early post-WW2 designs leant heavily on German G.Boley practice - their very first machine believed to have been the plain-turning Model-L manufactured during the early 1940s in WW2. However, the Company quickly developed a range of indigenously designed machines that found favour in toolrooms and research departments all over the world. All Smart & Brown lathes were superbly finished, built to the very highest standards and included many thoughtful touches to help the operator.
      In these pages are basic details of the entire Smart & Brown range: the Model A, 1042, Model M,  Model L and the best-ever copy of the popular South Bend 9-inch lathe, the lovely little "Sabel", also made as the "S", "SAB" and somewhat modified and improved "Type 918".

      Model M Mk. 1 and Mk. 2

      Model A Toolroom Lathe
      Sabel, SAB, S and 918 (South Bend copy)
      Model 1024 Toolroom Lathe
      Model L Plain-turning Precision Lathe