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      Myford Factory Photographic Archive
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      When the original Myford company - found in 1933/4 by Cecil Moore as the Myford Engineering Company - closed it doors in July 2011 it was something of a relief that the works photographic archive and scrap books were preserved by the new owners.
      As the material is sorted, scanned and prepared it will be displayed in the Machine Tool Archive during 2018.
      The first section, for the Myford ML10, has been completed. Other parts will become active, weekly, from May 2018 (it's a big job?

      Myford ML10                                    Myford/Drummond M-Type

      Myford ML7                                      Myford Capstan Lathes                           

      Myford Super 7                                 Myford ML2 and ML4

      Myford 4-inch Precision                   Rodney Milling Attachments

      The Myford Factory                         Myford Exhibition Displays

      Myford ML8 and Woodworking    Myford Mini-Kop