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      Jones & Shipman Universal
      and Tool & Cutter Grinder
      - early model 1910 to 1920s -

      Manuals are available for most Jones & Shipman Grinders

      Jones & Shipman Home Page

      Pre-dating the later and heavier Model 305 and lighter (and somewhat similar) 310 this early Jones & Shipman "Universal and Tool and Cutter Grinder" was a particularly well-made and compact machine and, with suitable accessories, capable of surface, external and internal cylindrical and tool and cutter grinding. The example shown may date from WW1 and would originally have been offered with a wide range of extra to extend its versatility even further.
      Tool and cutter grinders fall into three broad categories: (1) special types of limited functionality used, for example, for the sharpening of "D bits" and other cutters used by pantograph engravers; (2) standard machines for the grinding of the such ordinary items as, for example, mills, slot drills, side-and-face cutters and slab mills and (3) the more versatile "universal" machines, such as the K.O.Lee, where the design allowed other forms of grinding - surface and cylindrical for example - to take place. When considering the purchase of a tool and cutter grinder be sure that it does not fall into category (1) - check that it has a similar range of movements and settings available on standard machines such as the Clarkson and Quorn. Should you need a more versatile example (like the example on this page), compare it to the K.O.Lee, LeBlond and Jones and Shipman Model 310 and 1014. While tool and cutter grinders are a most useful addition to any workshop, do beware of buying one without accessories; although some limited work is possible, to exploit the machine fully, rather more is required. Installed in a professional workshop a typical example might well be complete with a number of additional items including such as items as: a radial grinding attachment; collets; a universal grinding head; universal (double swivel) work-holding fixture; a self-contained, table-mounted motor-driven workhead; sensitive workhead and a selection of precision, very slightly tapered arbors to hold workpieces..

      Jones & Shipman Home Page 

      Manuals are available for most Jones & Shipman Grinders

      Toolroom Grinding Machines
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      Model   1070 Cylindrical (newer)
      General Grinding Equipment and

      Radius & Angular Wheel Forming Attachment

      Sine Bar Hob Grinding Attachment

      PG Optical Dividing Head

      Radius Wheel Forming Attachment

      Radial Grinding & Wheel Forming Attachment

      Coolant and Clarifier Units

      Internal Grinding Spindles

      Precision Machine & Sine Vices

      Static Balancing Units

      Relief Grinding and Fluting Attachment

      Permanent Magnet Chucks