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      A.Gutbrod Vertical Miller

      Little known and of a most unusual - almost certainly unique design - the Gutbrod vertical miller was manufactured in Hfingen, a town to the north west of Stuttgart, Germany.
      Mounted on what might be the maker's stand, the machine stands 1400 mm high, has a length of around 700 mm and a width of 400 mm. Eight spindle feed are available, these being derived from the combination of a 2-speed motor and a 4-speed gearbox. Fitted with a No. Morse taper spindle, the "quill" is driven up and down by a large screwed housing built in to the forward section of the machine's round body. Unfortunately, at the moment, we only have limited views of the compound table - this appearing to be fitted with feed screws that required the use of a detachable crank handle..
      If you have a Gutbrod, please do contact the writer