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      Gorton Pantograph Engravers & Die Sinkers

      Beginning with licence-built copies of the Taylor, Taylor and Hobson machines - the originators of the Type in England - Gorton went on to develop a range of very high-quality models. Two types were offered, both listed as "Pantomills" in the sales catalogs: machines for 2D work - the lighter P1-2 and P2-2 and the very heavy P3-2 - and ones for both 2D and 3D work, the P1-3 and P2-3 these having the ability to undertake engraving, die sinking, mould making and light vertical milling.
      Extracts from Gorton's general catalog are reproduced below. If you have a copy of Gorton's full Panomill catalog, the writer would be like to add a copy to this section of the Machine Tool Archive.

      High-resolution images--may take time to open