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      E-MAIL   Tony@lathes.co.uk
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      Emco Lathes & Milling Machines

      Instruction Books, Parts Books, spares and drive
      belts are available for most Emco machines: lathes and millers, etc

      Emco Unimat & DB200 & SL1000 lathes

      Emco Unimat 1

      Emco Unimat 3 and 4

      Emco Compact 5

      Emco Compact 5CNC and Compact 5PC

      Unimat PC and "Basic"

      Emcomat & Maximat 7

      Emco Compact 8

      Emcomat 8.4 & 8.6

      Emco Maximat V8

      Emco Compact 10

      Emco Maximat V10 and V10P

      Emco Maximat V10P Photographic Essay

      Emco V10 Switch Replacement

      Emco Super 11

      Emco Maximat V13

      1950s Mk. 1 "Maximat Standard" and "Compact" Universal Machine

      1960s Mk. 2 Maximat "Standard" & "Compact" Model 3000 Universal Machine

      Very Early Emco TD55 lathe

      Emco Milling Machines

      Emco DB-5 Wood Lathe

      Wanted: for research - sight of early Emco Sales literature showing
      the larger lathes. If you can help please email: tony@lathes.co.uk

      By the early years of the 21st century the situation with regard to the makers of "Emco" machine tools was rather complicated;
      Profi Heimwerkermaschinen Gmbh was a management buyout of a part of Emco Maier Gmbh, involving 60+ employees and the Wolfseg manufacturing plant - one of the four Emco factories. Profi Heim took over the Unimat, the Compact Lathes and the Emco Woodworking machines - with Emco Maier making the Compact 5 lathe for marketing by Profi Heim. Unfortunately, as of July 2001, Profi Heim went out of business.
      Emco Maier continued to produce conventional machine tools - i.e the Maximat Super 11 lathe, Emcomat 17S, 17D, 20D and 20E Toolroom lathes, the FB3, FB4 and FB 5 Toolroom Universal Mills with some of these, together with a variety of CNC training lathes - this arrangement continuing until today (2015).

      In a nutshell, ProfiHeim took over the hobby machines and woodworkers while Emco Maier retained the more industrial machines as well as, of course, the CNC machines for use in industry and education.
      The "Home" Emco Web Site is www.emco.co.at
      Maier Gmbh and Profi-Heim. For CNC machines contact www.emco.co.uk
      In the USA the American Edalstaal Company originally handled the machines, but no longer have anything to do with them.
      The Unimat 4 and Compact 8E ("E" for East) were made in China.


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      E-MAIL   Tony@lathes.co.uk
      Home   Machine Tool Archive   Machine-tools for Sale & Wanted
      Machine Tool Manuals   Machine Tool Catalogues   Belts   Books   Accessories