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      Dwright Slate Lathe

      Of the unusual "front-way" type - the ways upon which the carriage slid being on the bed's front rather than top face - the Dwright Slate echoed other models by the American makers Geoge Ballou (who may have been the designer), Rivett, Wade, Pearce, Porter Cable,  the English machine-tool companies James Spencer, Birch, Rolls Royce and the Japanese Toyo
      With the exception of Rivett, front-way lathes are uncommon and seldom found with those by Dwright Slate - made circa 1870 to 1890 or so - circa ranking amongst the most rare. However, the company appears to have produced a number range of small to medium machine tools - and no doubt would also have undertaken individual commissions to meet a customer's particular requirements. Unsurprisingly, there was a degree of copying and "inspirational insights" by machine builders at the formative time and Dwight Slate's second company, formed in 1876, bought the Geoge Ballou's concern, the Ballou Mfg. Co., when it went out of business in 1886.
      Ballou Patents from 1875 to 1878
      Gear-cutting device for lathes (this shows an aspect of the Ballou lathe)
      Improvement in slide-rests for metal-turning lathes
      Improvement in chucks and centerers
      Drilling-fixture for lathes

      Work-clamp for slide-lathes