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      Dominion Universal Wood Machines

      Manuals for Dominium  Machines   Universal "Supreme" Woodworker

      Dominion Wood Lathes   

      Long known for their high-quality, professional woodworking machines, the Dominion Machinery Company Ltd. were based in Hipperholme near Halifax. A successful enterprise - at one stage nearly 80% of its output was being exported and over 250 people employed - it began life as a small concern importing Canadian-built wood machines, hence the name "Dominion", Canada in the early years of the 20th century being of such status. Managed at first by one Herman Laycock, the Company grew from strength to strength until, in the 1930s, they were well represented at major trade shows and had a firm foothold in the UK market. With such success, Dominion purchased the Canadian patents and a new production company, named after its founders, Womersley and Broadbent, was set up next to the Dominions premises. With Womersley and Broadbent manufacturing, but Dominion marketing, problems eventually overran the arrangement and Dominion were to eventually take over their bankrupt partners. Following this reorganisation, and headed by Herman Laycock's grandson, David Waithman, a boom in exports followed. Unfortunately, Mr/ Waithman's health suffered and in 1985 the company was sold, eventually passing into the hands of Thomas Robinson plc (then owners of the Wadkin brand).  Today the Dominion name continues, VWM Ltd. of Trawden, near Colne in Lancashire, marketing a range of woodworking machines with Dominion badging.
      In their heyday, Dominion offered a wide range of machines that included not only their well-known "Universal Woodworkers" , but also  numbers of single-use models including ones for surfacing and thicknessing,  panel and ticknessing, tenoning, dovetailing and cross-cutting, lathes, band saws. Fret saws, chain and chisel Mortisers, spindle moulders, overhead pad sanders, belt sanders, saw benches, saw setters,  and grinders to sharpen planer and moulder cutters. However, the subject of this page and other pages is the Company's  "Universal" machines these being offered in three basic forms: the "Minor" in bench-top and "Portable" forms, the very much heavier and versatile Type 10-inch "A.Y." and the massive 3-motor "Supreme". All were especially well designed and constructed, users commenting that their function quality was the equal of those from the better-known and much larger Wadkin Company.
      A wide range of accessories was offered that, together with the machines' built in versatility, allowed a wide range of work to be undertaken including: surfacing, rebating, chamfering, thicknessing, moulding, ripping, ploughing, cross-cutting, mitreing, trenching, tenoning, boring, mortising, knife grinding and routing.

      The Minor as arranged for bench mounting

      The Minor Slot mortising attachment

      The Minor Cross cutting and mitreing

      A Minor fitted with the optional 3/4" (19 mm) Dado head being used to cut a tennon. Fitted with front and side cutters, the head could also be used for grooving and, with split or side cutters could be fitted on both sides, for trenching as well

      Dominion 10-inch Model "Elliot" Universal Woodworker

      Ploughing on the Dominion 10-inch Universal

      Crosscutting on the Dominion 10-inch Universal

      Surfacing on the Dominion 10-inch Universal

      Using a planer knife grinder attachment on the Dominion 10-inch Universal

      Tenoning on the Dominion 10-inch Universal

      Making a housing stair string by trenching with a Dado head - a unit supplied as standard on the Dominion 10-inch Universal

      The Dominion 10-inch Universal Woodworker fitted with and overhead spindle unit being used for tenoning and scribing

      The overhead, fitted with a "French" spindle, being used for moulding work

      Manuals for Dominium  Machines   Universal Machines Page 2

      Dominion Wood Lathes   

      Dominion Universal Wood Machines
      email: tony@lathes.co.uk
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