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      email: tony@lathes.co.uk
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      Craftsman, Dunlap, Companion & Lathes
      by the "AA" Company
      Operating Instructions and Publicity Catalogues
      are available for most Craftsman lathes

      Model 80 & AA109, Dunlap & Companion Lathes

      Last AA109 (Craftsman) Lathe Model 109.21280

      Early 9-inch and 12-inch Craftsman Lathes (Atlas "clones")

      First Craftsman Metal Lathe Catalogs 1932-35

      Late-model 12-inch Lathes (post 1957) Atlas 12-inch Clones

      Craftsman 6" Lathe Mk. 1 (Atlas 6-inch Clone)

      Craftsman 6" Lathe Mk. 2 (Atlas 6-inch Clone)
      Craftsman wood lathe conversion kit to metal

      Craftsman-branded Wood Lathes

      SEARS Model 549-2892 8-inch Lathe (Re-badged Emco Compact 8)

      Sherman Clark Mfg. Co. of Jackson Michigan - Armature Lathe

         Courlan-Branded AA 109

      AA Craftsman Epicyclic Headstock Backgears

      As of 2015, the following list of Craftsman/Atlas suppliers was known. Additions (or subtractions) if known, would be welcome. Email Tony@lathes.co.uk

      Online ordering from the Sears Web Page at http://sears.com

      Screwcutting changewheels for these lathes can be obtained from:
      Clausing Corp. Service Centre, 811 Eisenhower, Goshen IN 46526  Phone: (219) 533-0371

      For new chucks with the 1/2" x 20 thread fitting:
      Sherline Products, 170 Navajo Street, San Marcos CA92069  Phone: (800) 541-0735

      Three inch 3-jaw chucks with the correct thread are also available from:
      Leavitt Machine Company, PO Box 270, Orange MA 01364 Phone: (508) 544-2751

      The following individuals may also be making, or have available, parts for these lathes:
      J.C.Boegman, 1464 South Warner Drive, Apache Junction AZ 85220 Phone: (480) 982-8436 (ask for John)
      chucks for the AA (1/2" x -20tpi); newly manufactured lead screws; AA cross-slide modified to accept the engagement lever and the replaceable double-nuts from Atlas lathe. 

      Thanks to Jim Anderson, who used to work for Double A Products, for helping with this information about suppliers.  He can be contacted at:
      1642 Hillridge Blvd. Ann Arbor MI 48103, USA

      One of several badges used on USA Craftsman models

      Badge on the Canadian Sears model

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