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      Churchill Precision Grinding Machines
      - of the older type -

      Manuals are available for many Churchill Machine Tools

      The following listings are from a full-range catalogue published
      during the late 1940s and early 1950s that shows machine
      types current from around 1940 to 1960 and later.

      Plain Grinders
      AW   6-inch swing
      BW   10-inch swing
      CW   12 and 16-inch swing
      BW & CW   Angle-head types
      D   18-inch swing
      DE   26-inch swing
      F   24-inch swing
      FA   30-inch swing
      FB   36-inch swing

      Universal Grinders
      OH   8-inch x 16-inch
      OH   8-inch x 16-inch Tool & Cutter
      PAW   10 and 24-inch
      PBH   12 and 16-inch swing
      PCH   24-inch swing

      HBY   Plain
      HCY   Plain
      HDY   Plain
      HBA   Automatic (Plunge Cut)
      AC and UAC   Universal
      No. 1   Cylinder
      No. 2A  Cylinder
      No. 3   Cylinder
      No. 4 and 4A   Cylinder
      DUA   Duplex Cylinder
      HF   Long Bore
      FH   Long Bore
      BD   Brake Drum

      Other Churchill Grinders
      BW   Cam
      TG   Thread
      VB   Slideway
      VBA   Double-head Slideway
      SHC   Spline Shaft
      SHB   Broach Sharpening
      EC   Centreless

      Manuals are available for many Churchill Machine Tools

      AJB   Axle Journal
      AJW   Axle Journal
      DAJ   Axle Journal
      DAX   Axle Journal
      LQ   Locomotive Crank Pin
      LCP   Locomotive Horn Cheek
      UH   Double-spindle Hole
      UHR  Universal Radius Link & Hole
      UR   Radius Link and Hole
      PUA   Cylinder, Surface and Link
      DE   Piston Rod, 30-inch swing
      CE   Piston Rod, 26-inch swing

      DCH   High-production Type
      DCY   High-production Type
      CRM  Re-Grinding
      D/E   Medium Duty
      F   Heavy

      C   14-inch swing
      D   20-inch swing
      F   28-inch swing
      TWA   Traversing Wheelhead
      TWB   Traversing Wheelhead
      TWR   Traversing Wheelhead

      NB   Horizontal Spindle
      OSB   Horizontal Spindle
      OSG   Horizontal Spindle
      OSV   Vertical Spindle
      VXA   Vertical Spindle
      VL   Vertical Spindle
      VH   Plano
      VHM   Plane
      NH  Plano
      RA   Rotary Table
      RBY   Rotary Table
      RD   Rotary Table